Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass

If you are looking for a distressed, antique look then mercury glass baubles are perfect. Piled in a glass bowl as a table centrepiece, perhaps with a few strands of trailing ivy, or how about hung in a window to catch the elusive winter rays? Our baubles come in boxed sets, and each bauble is threaded with a delicate organza ribbon.

Large Gold Mercury Glass BaublesSilver Mercury Glass Baubles Boxed Set 2 Boxed Set 4s Boxed Set 3 mercury glass baubles

What is it?

Surprisingly,  the technique used to make this most beautiful glass does not involve mercury at all. Double-walled shapes are blown from clear glass, and then a silvering solution is applied between the layers. Modern techniques no longer utilise the double-walled method, although the antique effect remains.

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